Saturday, August 11, 2012


Here we are at ballpark #26 (29 if you count Veteren's Stadium and the two old New York ballparks.)  Angels Stadium is one of the older ballparks in baseball (built in the early 70s) but it still looks great.  I love the rockpile and water in centerfield.

Melanie and I woke up in San Francisco this morning.  We may leave a couple of innings early because we have to drive to Vegas after the game to get a few hours shuteye before Melanie catches an early flight and I make my way through southern Utah and on to Denver tomorrow night.  Today & tomorrow are absolutely the toughest driving days of the trip.  If I can get a few days in Denver before making it to the Green Bay Packers game Thursday night, it will be worth it.

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  1. Park was nice, although Citizen Bank will always be my favorite. I do have to say we had a very hard time parking and people were rude to us. Crazy! Ask Chris for the story....